In my own philanthropy and business endeavors, I have seen the critical role that the arts play in stimulating creativity and in developing vital communities. As this study* indicates, the arts have a crucial impact on our economy and are an important catalyst for learning, discovery, and achievement in our country.

-Paul G. Allen, Philanthropist and Co-Founder, Microsoft
*Arts & Economic Prosperity III study, Americans for the Arts.

There is no better indicator of the spiritual health of our city, its neighborhoods, and the larger region than the state of the arts. The arts deepen our understanding of the human spirit, extend our capacity to comprehend the lives of others, allow us to imagine a more just and humane world. Through their diversity of feeling, their variety of form, their multiplicity of inspiration, the arts make our culture richer and more reflective.

-Jonathan Fanton, President, MacArthur Foundation

Mayors understand the connection between the arts industry and city revenues. Besides providing thousands of jobs, the arts generate billions in government and business revenues and play an important role in the economic revitalization of our nation's cities.

-Douglas H. Palmer, Mayor of Trenton, NJ, and President of The United States Conference of Mayors

A thriving arts and cultural scene is part of the "quality of life" factors that play an important role in economic development and our ability to attract quality companies and an experienced workforce to San Antonio.

-Mario Hernandez, President, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation

The most recent Census numbers confirmed our position as the seventh-largest city in the country, ahead of Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston. The vibrancy of local arts, the spectrum of local economic opportunity that attracts the world’s leading biomedical innovators and our physical growth confirm this as well.

-Julián Castro, Mayor of San Antonio
*Introduction, SA2020 Final Report

Arts and culture impact everything we do. Whether it’s the young person who channels anger into expression through a community mural or the corporation that invests in the San Antonio Symphony, lives are impacted by the arts and culture every day. A vibrant and diverse arts scene binds our community together and draws tourists to San Antonio, which further drives our economic competitiveness.

-Arts & Culture Statement, SA 2020 Final Report: Mayor Julián Castro, Daryl Byrd (Managing Director of Pearl Brewery), Sonia M. Rodriguez (Attorney, Branton & Hall, P.C.), Graham Weston (Chairman, Rackspace Hosting)