Symphony Orchestra's - How We Got Here

Symphony Orchestra's - How We Got Here

What is wonderful about live classical music is that it is authentic. It needs no technology other than electric lights. It does slow down the pace of our frantic lives, and it does bring us together.

We are here this weekend to propose that the problem is not that classical...

Kudos and shame

Re: “Wind blows three friends to symphony," S.A. Life, Jan. 10:

I very much enjoyed the wonderful article about the young musicians recently hired by the San Antonio Symphony. When I turned to page 8 to finish reading it, I was amused by the contrast between the story I...

The Following US Orchestras will not Start the New Season

Slipped Disc. The original article included some inaccuracies about our current status. Correction from Craig Sorgi, Negotiating Committee Chair, below:

Mr. Lebrecht,

My name is Craig Sorgi and I am the Chairman of the San Antonio Symphony Players Association Negotiating Committee.

Perhaps you should have prefaced your post’s title with...

Bravo to Symphony!

"Such beautiful music makes me proud to have such a professional institution in South Texas, and makes me proud to be an American. More, more!" - Letter to the Editor, San Antonio Express-News